About Ruby's Weimaraners
About Ruby's Weimaraners
Ruby's Weimaraners was a Long Time Passion & Dream of
Ruby's to raise purebred dogs. Ruby had been researching
the best breeds for years. One day in 2006 Ruby told her
husband Greg (who is a vivid dog lover) about her dream on a
road trip they were taking.

Right in the middle of the trip, They decided to check in the
area for some of the breeds that Ruby was thinking about.
They found out about a Weimaraner Breeder in the area and it
just so happened that the breeder had a female with high
quality bloodlines and Great Show Potential. Hidie Grace
became the end of Ruby's Dream & the start of Ruby's

With a top of the breed female, you need a top of the line
male. So they set out on a quest to find the male that was
perfect for their dream. They found Andrew Jackson ( a
perfect match) who's Grandfather came from the Wotobe
Kennels in Texas.  

New to breeding they quickly linked up with a long time
Weimaraner Breeder of over 27 years (Regina Swain) at Weim
Farm in Tennessee who mentored them into becoming one of
the Best Weimaraner Breeders in the nation.

It wasn't long before their puppies became some of the most
sought after puppies out their and their buyers made them
the #1 Family Breeder of Weimaraners in Kentucky.

They are a State Certified AKC/Purina Pro Breeder. Their
puppies are born in their home. Worked & Socialized with
every day with training techniques as soon as their eyes
open. As owners of a Day Care of over 40 children, they
developed techniques to help initially train all their puppies  
to include: Motor Skills, basic commands, open door crete
training, closed door crete training, puppy pad training and
outside potty training. They socialize their puppies with their
Shitzu, Yorkie Poo, Grand Children and even their Great
Niece that they help raise. Thus producing some of the Best
Natured Weimaraner Puppies available.

They are not in the business to make money. They keep their
prices at bare minimum so everyone can afford and
experience the Love of the Weimaraner Breed. They are Not a
Puppy Mill producing hundreds of puppies a year and
breeding multiple breeds at a time. They are the True Family
Breeder that most people are looking for when they want to
add a Weimaraner Puppy to their Family.