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Conditions of Contract

1. Breeder guarantees that the puppy sold is a purebred Weimaraner with AKC full registration.
The weimaraner is free from Hip Dysplasia for a period of the first two years. If registration is not available at the time
of pick up it will be mailed to the address provided on the application as soon as it is received from AKC.

2. The puppy has been checked by the breeders licensed Veterinarian and found to be in good health. The puppy will
have had as a minimum its first DHLPPC, Dewormer, dew claws removed and tail docked.

3. It is understood that this contract and the $100.00 (non-refundable) deposit insures the buyer the right of purchase.
The remaining balance must be paid in full by PayPal or cash prior to flight or at pick up or delivery.

4. Breeder grants the buyer 14 days to take their puppy to their Veterinarian for next vaccinations and inspection for
any life threatening conditions. If the buyers Veterinarian finds the puppy to have a life threatening condition the puppy
may be returned for the next available puppy of the same sex and color.

5. The buyer accepts full responsibility for the health, temperament and appearance of the puppy upon taking
possession of the puppy. The breeder assumes no responsibility for expenses incurred by the buyer after the puppy
has been received by the buyer.

6. The buyer agrees to provide a safe, clean and loving home for the puppy. Provide quality food and fresh water daily.
Insure that the puppy gets all required examinations and immunizations. The buyer further agrees to contact the
breeder at least every three months with updates and pictures of the puppy.

7. If for any reason the buyer can not or does not wish to care for the purchased puppy, the puppy must be returned
to the breeder for replacement. For no reason will the puppy be abandoned or surrendered to an person, animal
organization or shelter.

8. Any and all litigation from any dispute of this contract shall take place in the breeders county and state. All fees,
expenses shall be paid for by the buyer.

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